Cary Phillips
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A Very Engaging Instructor

“I thought that Cary was a very engaging instructor, and I enjoyed that he took the time to explain concepts and events to our group when we did not understand something. I enjoyed that he made the training a very low pressure situation, and that he would include stories and real life examples during his instruction.”

Audience Member / Participant

Pleased with the Profit & Cash® Game

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Profit & Cash® game…Based on the success of the game in the Executive Program, we have added it to our two-day seminar on Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers…”

Paul J. Slaggert
Director, Executive Program, University of Cincinnati

Lots of Fun to Work With!

“Cary is a shrewd marketer, customer oriented and lots of fun to work with.”

Sally Adair Grant, SPHR
Learning & Development Consultant

Saved Myself Months of Lectures!

“I only wish I had the opportunity to participate in this simulation in University Business 101…I could have saved myself months of lectures! Profit & Cash® was a tremendous success. Our folks quickly learned the impact of their decisions on the balance sheet and P&L. It was great watching as they played the game and the level of understanding increased… about profits, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales and cost of sales.”

Wescast Industries, Inc.

Very Personable!

“He was great! I love that he gave examples from his personal life and incorporated advice and made himself very personable.”

Audience Member / Participant

Enormously Creative Way to Engage a Group…

“Enormously creative way to engage a group in what is otherwise a very dry subject. The game was effective in demonstrating financial basics, especially to those new to it, and even as a reminder to those that had learned it, but don’t engage with it that often.”

Business School Program on Coaching
Columbia University

Cary is a Trainer’s Trainer

“Cary is a trainer’s trainer. He is more fun than anybody should be, all in the service of learning and of his participants retaining the important lessons (and his customers being well served). I could not recommend anyone more highly as a service provider- service and ethics are in his bones.”

Explained the Concepts Well

Explained the content well and tied it into our everyday lives. Seemed to enjoy his job and conveyed his interest in the way he presented. Excellent job.

Audience Member / Participant

One of the Best Speakers I Have Ever Met

“Cary is one of the best speakers I have ever met. He continuously shared stories and experiences related to the business world as well as insurance industry specifics. No one was ever bored or distracted with anything else when he was speaking to our table. Excellent instructor and mentor.”

Makes Financial Impacts Understandable and Easy to Apply

“Thank you for developing a game that makes financial impacts understandable and easy to apply. I have looked for a long time for a process that would quickly allow non-financial executives, managers and employees to understand key financial statements and how their decisions impact them. Your game, with its hands-on approach and simple startup, is just such a process.”

Thomas Lyon
Rockhurst University School of Management

Cary is a Spectacular Effective Presenter

“Cary is a spectacular effective presenter. His ownership of the content is deep and wide, but it’s his ability to.”

Gary Abram, CEO
B2G data, LLC


“Regarding the Profit & Cash Workshop, It was a TRULY AWESOME, super fun learning tool. You get this amazing picture of how decisions involve many factors and can have different results over the short term vs the long term. I love this kind of creativity!”

Maddie Grant
Administrative Director of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis

Enjoyable by Adding Witty Humor

“Cary made the course very enjoyable by adding witty humor to what the other instructors were saying as well as adding his own personal experiences in insurance to the class.”

Audience Member / Participant

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