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Leadership Skills

for Individual Contributors  

This program provides technical people with the tools they need in order to develop and enhance positive leadership skills. “Leadership Skills for Individual Contributors” is a great program for employees who want to expand their skill sets and/or aspire to obtain a leadership position within their company.

In this keynote and/or workshop Cary will highlight: – How to think like a leader – case studies

  • Characteristics/vulnerabilities of technical people – case studies
  • Value shifts – the difference between technical & leadership responsibilities
  • Satisfaction adjustment cycle-balancing technical, administrative & people skills
  • The positive role of politics in an organization
  • The 5 most important leadership skills
  • Making the transition to leadership
  • The 3 main reasons technical people fail as leaders
  • 3 simple communication process techniques for leaders – Implementing leadership skills

This is a 1-hour keynote and/or 4-6 hour interactive workshop! In the workshop version, there will be role playing & break-out groups. This presentation can be modified.

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