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The Power of the Question

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Power of the Question

An Informative & Entertaining Look at the Questions Every Business Should be Asking

Gary talking about the Power of the Question

In this dynamic and powerfully insightful keynote, the Power of the Question, Cary Phillips, will provide audience members with an understanding of the power of questions and how processes and performance can be improved through questions.

  • Cary will highlight the following in this informative workshop:
  • The top 3 questions each business should be asking itself
  • The top 2 questions each person should be asking continuously
  • The most powerful question you can ask
  • Examples of the timely question and how it improved businesses
  • How to improve your business culture through the use of questions
  • Overcoming defensiveness in responding to questions
  • Bad questions and the problems they can cause
  • What are the questions you aren’t asking that you should

This 50-90 minute presentation is beneficial for all employees, however it is recommended for executives, senior staff members, and managers.

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