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Profit & Cash® Workshop

A Workshop to Improve the Bottom Line

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The Profit & Cash® Workshop makes each employee more valuable. When managers and employees clearly understand how their company makes money, they think more creatively and strategically. They make decisions, consciously and subconsciously, with the company’s larger goals in mind.

Win Strategic Insights with the Each Roll of the Dice!

Employees with true business acumen influence top-line revenue generation, optimize resource allocation and take actions that align with organizational and customer strategy.

Why Cary recommends the Profit & Cash® simulation format for financial acumen training. When we sit in a particular role, we learn things others don’t. We learn what’s coming next. We learn what to be afraid of. We learn tracks of logic that turn into intuition.

That’s why the best managers are often people who have had multiple roles and why strategic planning becomes richer and more reliable when people from different roles are represented.

The celebrated Profit & Cash® session places each participant in new roles, giving them fresh insights. Presented by experts in finance and process training, this celebrated game-style workshop engages every player with critical dilemmas and decisions they may not have experienced directly, but which directly impact profitability.

Are Your Employees Playing Games? They Should Be!

The hands-on, heads-up simulation experience pushes all
participants to see profitability through new eyes and from different vantage points. The result: sophisticated, strategic, risk-savvy planning.

Using a game and accelerated-learning approach, employees at every level will learn to understand essential financial concepts and tools as well as organization-specific financial measures. The unique game experience uses an interactive team approach as participants run their own company. Participants see and comprehend the big picture of making decisions that drive success.

“Nothing sinks in like engaging, relevant, real-life models. There will be big ah-ha’s, there will be big laughs, but most important, there will be big learning – on the topic that is most critical for us all.”

-Cary Phillips, Profit & Cash® Leader

Developed by Capital Connections, Profit & Cash® is a half-day, financial training program for employees at all levels.

This Workshop is Ideal For

  • Leadership training
  • New employee orientation
  • Team building
  • Strategic planning
  • kickoff sessions
  • Board of Directors

How it Works

  • Teams of players have insurance company specific roles and responsibilities.
  • There are no designed outcomes. The decisions of the players and the roll of the dice drive the variability.
  • Board squares drive the action, with directions to: “MAKE SALES”, “COLLECT RECEIVABLES”, and “PAY EXPENSES.”
  • Chips are kept on the board to create a visual cash flow map of money coming in and going out of the company.
  • The performance of each insurance company is tracked on poster-sized score sheets on the walls. These scores sheets include the basic insurance company financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow.)

After Taking this Workshop

Attendees will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

Finance basics

  • The general flow of money into and out of a financial services company
  • Profit, revenue, expenses, loss, and profitability
  • The information contained in the income statement and balance sheet
  • The relationship between the income statement and balance sheet
  • Why profitability is essential to a financial services company
  • The relationship of profit to solvency

Factors that affect profitability

  • The impact of distribution expenses on profitability
  • The impact of underwriting risk on profitability
  • The impact of investment earnings (and risk) on profitability
  • The impact of interest rates on profitability
  • The impact of industry regulations on profitability
  • A financial services company’s controllable and uncontrollable expenses, and theimpact of expense on profitability
  • Additional objectives?

Reducing expenses and improving profitability

  • How various distribution alternatives reduce operating expense, and the impact on revenue and profit
  • How company uses economies of scale, process improvement, and automation to reduce expenses
  • How company employees can improve profitability by helping to control expenses
  • How company employees can improve profitability by delivering outstanding customer service

What Clients Say

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Profit & Cash® game…Based on the success of the game in the Executive Program, we have added it to our two-day seminar on Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers…”

Paul J. Slaggert, Director, Executive Program, University of Cincinnati

This workshop was a fun, upbeat experience that involved teamwork, role-playing in an action-oriented scenario that was educational yet also relaxing and fun. I would highly recommend Profit & Cash® as a first rate vehicle for group bonding.

Garry L. Parks, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corp (ret) Chairman, Armed Forces Insurance

Profit & Cash® lets teams and board members become insurance company managers, make decisions, and then see the outcomes of their decisions. I don’t know of any other tool that is as effective in helping persons understand the unique aspects of the insurance business

David Wine, President & CEO, MutualAid eXchange (MAX)

Cary is a trainer’s trainer. He is more fun than anybody should be, all in the service of learning and his participants retaining the important lessons (and his customers being served). I could not recommend anyone more highly as a service provider – services and ethics are in his bones.

John Schuster, Leadership Coach and Mentor

Cary is a spectacular effective presenter. His ownership of content is deep and wide, but it’s his ability to deliver it so that it sticks that makes him so special. He’s master of the anecdote that makes complex issues relevant and memorable.

Gary Abram, CEO at B2G Data, LLC

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