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The Power of the Question

Speaking Topic

Think Process

A Practical Review of Process & an Introduction to Six Sigma

Cary talks about the Think Process

Cary’s Think Process speaking topic will provide audience members with an understanding of process, how to think about process, and how process knowledge can improve the bottom line!

This workshop is 4-6 hours depending on audience size, as it is interactive. However, this presentation can be modified to a 50-minute overview.

  • How a knowledge of process will save you time & money
  • Where process fits within the corporate vision
  • 3 ways to improve a process, & the one most important
  • The most powerful questions you can ask
  • The advantages of thinking in terms of process
  • 4 simple yet effective communication process techniques
  • How process thinking will improve your corporate culture
  • Six Sigma- is it the answer for your company?
  • The DMAIC method of Six Sigma
  • Case studies of various process issues and how they were resolved
  • Next steps- what your company should do to begin reaping the benefits from process knowledge

This workshop is beneficial for all employees; however, executives, senior staff & managers should attend first.

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